četrtek, 15. september 2011

After OpenBlend 2011

This year's OpenBlend conference is not quite over, but there has been some interest in the code of the demo I presented so I've published the code in GitHub:


Note that this (the HEAD version) is the JavaEE-6-only example. To see the Seam 3 example you'll have to revert to the version before "revert to JavaEE6 only (no Seam)" (though this is a slightly older version of the seam3 demo than the one I showed). Locally I have a branch for the Seam version but right now I don't have time to figure out how to get the branch on GitHub (I might do this later). I'm quite new to GitHub (and git, for that matter), but it seems worth leaning how to do this stuff. If you need the Seam3 example, just let me know.

The code in the demo was originally created using this Maven archetype and then stripped down to a minimum example; I really wanted it to be minimal to demonstrate a point (which I think I didn't stress enough at the presentation): you can write a complete Web application (that does a bit more than just say "Hello world!") using less than 100 lines of code (even much less, if you choose the right way to count).

By the way, Tomaž was right about why the Seam 3 demo deploy failed at the presentation: the second Cron job in CronExample was scheduled to be executed at 3pm sharp today (no repeats) and because I tried to deploy this a few minutes after this time, the scheduling failed with "SchedulerException: Based on configured schedule, the given trigger will never fire."... Darn presentation delays. If you want to fix this, just change 2011 to * in the schedule definition, for example.

I've tested the apps with JBAS7, and the JEE6-only one with JBAS6. Given how simple they are I would expect them to work in any application server that supports Java EE 6 Web profile, but let me know if you find this is not so (or even better, fix it and submit a pull request :]).

Anyhow, I've really enjoyed the conference; kudos to the organizers, thanks for inviting me, and big thanks for the feedback I received from the audience after the presentation!

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  1. A slightly more in-depth presentation with additional stuff (eg. deploying the app in the cloud coming up this Tuesday in Kiberpipa:

  2. Here's another demo app for Java EE 6 (no Seam):

    It covers the basics of most of the stuff in Oracle's official Java EE 6 Tutorial.

    Works with JBoss AS 7.1, most stuff should work on other JavaEE6-compliant servers as well (maybe with minor packaging changes).